Royal Thai Immigration Bureau reminds those on amnesty to renew visas before Halloween

Bangkok, Thailand-

The Royal Thai Immigration Bureau has reminded all foreigners whose visas expire at the end of this month to renew their visas, primarily those who are on visa amnesty.

The visa amnesty was originally granted back in April for those “stuck” in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation around the globe and border closures.

The extension, according to the Royal Thai Immigration Bureau, will take effect on November First regardless of the date of application by the foreign national. Additionally, in what will be considered good news for many of those eligible for staying in the country, sixty days, not thirty, will initially be granted.

This means that those eligible and on amnesty will be able to stay until the end of the year in Thailand.

For exact eligibility requirements, which may vary according to Immigration based on country of origin and specific situations, one will need to visit and speak to an Immigration officer or authorized agent.

Those who fail to renew properly could be fined or charged with overstay according to the Bureau.

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