Pattaya area leaders caution residents to be traditional and respectful for Loy Krathong this week which also falls on Halloween


Local community leaders have cautioned residents on this weekend’s upcoming huge double holiday of Loy Krathong which also falls on Halloween.

Pattaya is also set to run a Bikini Beach Run which is set to attract hundreds of people wearing bikinis but has pledged not to interfere with those celebrating a traditional Loy Krathong. Concerts and events around the bikini run and Halloween events are also taking place.

Local leaders in Pong, Nongprue and Banglamung have told residents that were concerned about water levels in the Mabprachan reservoir that the levels are high enough to celebrate Loy Krathong, although stressed to be respectful. They stressed that those going to the temples should be respectful and not wear distracting or disrespectful Halloween costumes.

In Pattaya, those wearing bikinis are asked to change into something respectful before setting off Krathongs or attending traditional events. Those wearing Halloween costumes were not told to change but were told to simply be respectful to the religious tones of the festival.

Dozens of bars and nightclubs are set to hold Halloween parties on what is traditionally one of the busiest nights of the year, even without foreign tourists. A large number of domestic tourists are expected to visit Pattaya next weekend for the festival.

Of note, fire lanterns and fireworks are strictly banned in Pattaya. The Pattaya News will be live this night.

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