Three prominent pro-democracy leaders denied bail in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand-

Three prominent Pro-Democracy protesters were denied bail early this afternoon in Bangkok as supporters of the group protest outside the Bangkok Special Remand prison, demanding their release and dropping off all charges.

The group has called for the Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayut Chan-O-Cha, to resign by 10:00 PM tonight, which appears very unlikely according to outside observers and analysts.

  The three protest leaders, who are popularly known by their nicknames Penguin, Rainbow and Mike Rayong, were all deemed by the Court of Appeals to be potential flight risks as well as likely to break conditions of their bail such as participating in alleged illegal gatherings. Charges for the three vary although include some very serious charges such as sedition.

  Protesters have responded to the decision of the Court with anger and vowed further protesting and increased action without clarifying exactly what those actions would be.

  Meanwhile, the Pro-Democracy leaders have denied doing anything wrong. The Prime Minister, who is unlikely to step down, claims the same.

   Pictured: Penguin and Rung, ThaiPBS

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