Special Report: Video and photo journal of heavy flooding and rain in Pattaya area

The following is a video and photo journal of heavy rain and flooding that took place in the early hours of October 3, 2020 after many hours of torrential rain in Pattaya. Our team and associated team got very wet taking these please enjoy-The Pattaya News

A car tries to navigate heavily flooded roads
The morning after standing water is still heavy in many areas
Parts of Pattaya Beach suffered heavy erosion after the storm.
This looks safe.
Motorbikes lying submerged after the storm this morning.
Motorbikes abandoned due to high water during the storms.
The morning after hangover….
Parts of Pattaya Beach were heavily damaged
Some drains were full of debris and clutter
Beach river during the storms.
Pedestrians wading through water to work
A look around town part one
A look at the beach erosion after the storm on Pattaya Beach
A look around Pattaya especially Beach Road during the storm
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