Reader Mailbag: My struggles dealing with a nearby Thai disco next to my condo

PHOTO: Pattaya Law Enforcement

Editor’s Note: The following is a reader mail. The opinions and allegations inside are their own and may not reflect those of TPN. At their request we have withheld their name and for legal reasons the exact location and name of the alleged disco in question. His story is a common one we get from expats in Pattaya, we have had three similar reports in the past two weeks. We are not investigative style reporters, however, do advise if people have ongoing conflicts with nearby business to file official police complaints, complaints with condo, village or juristic organizations, city hall complaint center at 1337 and hire a lawyer if needed. Do not post public negative reviews or attacks on the business. Thailand has some of the strictest slander and libel laws in the world so naming and shaming without going the proper legal route cannot be legally done, unfortunately.

Hi there everyone, I am an older (mid seventies) retired gentleman in Pattaya at my wit’s end.

First, I know the laws in Thailand seem to protect Thai business in every way and as a foreigner I am just a guest. I understand that. I also know that rules are also enforced selectively and know that if you have money or connections you are more likely to get exceptions. However, I just wanted to tell my story.

I live in a condo in the Pattaya area which is close to a large and successful Thai nightclub. This club is fairly new and seems to be protected from any sort of rules or enforcement. I won’t name it as I’m aware of the laws but just wanted to express my frustrations.

First of all I have read that the legal closing time is Midnight. This is not enforced. Frankly, I would not care if the music was not at a level that the condo literally shakes at nearly all times. The disco generally goes until sunrise daily and starts around 11:00 PM. I have measured the sound levels and they are very intense. I cannot sleep and often have to leave my condo to get peace and quiet. I have tried noise proof devices and earplugs and my room still vibrates. This isn’t just weekends but every day of the week without fail.

There are not many people in my condo and most who are here are Thai or don’t want to start a problem. I have approached my condo management and they refuse to get involved unless a majority of residents join a petition. The other residents being mostly Thai will not join or have bluntly said they won’t get involved in an issue.

I have made multiple complaints to the City complaint center and tried to file a police report and was simply told to basically go away. I am afraid to deal with the business directly and their management. I have filed complaints to City Hall but nothing has happened. I have spoken to the tourist police and while they were sympathetic they said there was not much they could do basically.

I am aware taking a lawyer aboard is an option but I am quite sure I would lose and it is very costly as I am told by a Thai neighbor the disco owner is very wealthy and connected. The disco is busy every night, with no social distancing.

I would leave but I am stuck in a long term contract for the condo and limited on funds. I am at my wit’s end on what to do and just want to share my frustrations. It’s so bad I pray daily that we get some sort of covid sirua

Thank you for listening to my story and for the news for posting it, I know due to legal reasons nobody seems to want to get officially involved but hopefully some people will have suggestions in comments. Please keep in mind my funds are limited in terms of bringing expensive legal battles and I am afraid of retaliation over what is quite simply a simple request. to turn the music down. I have been suggested to get the help of a well connected Thai mediator if anyone has suggestions please post in the comments as I don’t want to give out personal information.

PHOTO: Pattaya Law Enforcement

Editor’s note; Any attempts to name the alleged business or guess in comments will be removed for legal reasons. The photo is a stock Pattaya photo and does not reflect the area or location of the story in question.

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