Reader Mailbag: Enforce banning speed boats and jet skis on Pattaya Beach to make the beach more appealing to domestic and foreign tourists

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As a retired airline employee who has traveled he world I can state that the Pattaya Beach is one of the most beautiful in the world.  

The mayor and his staff deserve a BIG thank you for the work they have done. The beach walk with the stone work and trees is a work of art.

BUT, it has 2 things none of the others have.  Power boats and jet skies which make it impossible to feel safe while in the water.  No one wants to swim around power boats and particularly jet skies.  They are way too dangerous.

They should ban all power craft from the beach.
Please make the beach a peoples beach and not a boaters beach.

Donald L.

Editor’s Note: Several years ago Pattaya City leadership did enforce the ban on speed boats picking up customers on the beach. However, as the planned Bali Hai Pier expansion has not been completed requiring them to pick up and drop off all customers there became impossible, according to city leaders.

The city has begun looking at the option of a second pier, likely in Jomtien, to help resolve this issue.

As for jet skis, for many years they were well known for regular scams in the Pattaya area, however, there have been no reports or incidents in about a year after a clamp down on this issue and continued tourist complaints.

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