UPDATE: School boy who tried to jump from pedestrian bridges twice in Pattaya was reportedly bullied by fellow students

Banglamung, Pattaya, Thailand-

A young school boy who threatened to jump from a pedestrian bridge in the Pattaya area earlier this week had been recently bullied by other students, the boy’s aunt told The Pattaya News.

A 15-year-old male student was rescued after trying to jump from a pedestrian bridge in Pattaya earlier this week.

Banglamung Police told The Pattaya News that he is the same boy who tried to jump from a pedestrian bridge on Sukhumvit Road in Sattahip after a baht bus driver had reportedly not given any change (ten baht) when he paid for the fee earlier this month. The boy was so distraught over the situation that he had threatened to kill himself. His name was withheld due to The Pattaya News editorial policy.

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Mrs. Sanguan Sudsanepitak, 56, the boy’s aunt, told The Pattaya News that he has improved over the past several days since the two incidents and has sought psychiatric help at a local hospital as well as medication to assist with his depression.

The boy would not directly comment on the most recent incident of attempting to jump off a Pattaya pedestrian bridge, however, his friend, whose name was also withheld, stated the boy was bullied heavily at his school.

The boy’s aunt said he has been being treated for chronic depression for more than two years.

Mrs. Sanguan said she has also partnered with local mental health agencies to work with her and the boy and provide further assistance.

If you or anyone you know is in need of mental health services, please contact the Samaritans of Thailand at their 24-hour hotline 02-713-6791 (English), 02713-6793 (Thai) or Thai Mental Health Hotline at 1323 (Thai).

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