Reader Mailbag: Credit where it is due for the Thai Government’s work on Covid-19

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Dear Pattaya News Editors,
I just read “Lance from Canada” –  Reader mailbag: Like it or not, most of us aren’t coming back anytime soon to Pattaya, personal opinion about returning to Pattaya and it occurs to me that the Thai Government and its Agencies primary concern is protecting the Thai people from corona-virus not catering to the likes of foreign tourists.
And compared to most countries around the world and even in the Asian region the Thai Government and the Thai people (by following instructions) have done an incredible job of containing corona and keeping it out of the country.
I think No One alive today has lived in a pandemic like corona-virus, so there are no rules and/or guide-lines for what to do. Everyone is learning from experience and doing what they can which makes the Thai Government’s efforts outstanding.
Many people are criticizing the inconvenience of the foreign travel lock-down, quarantine, masks, social distancing, business lock-downs, when they should be praising the Thai Government, Government Agencies, and Police Support for doing such a good job to keep Thai people and foreign residents safe and alive in these trying times.
Best regards,
Ken K
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