Royal Thai Immigration Bureau warns of “strict enforcement” of overstay after amnesty ends next weekend for those on tourist visas


The Royal Thai Immigration Bureau deputy spokesman Police Colonel Pakpong Sai-ubol has warned this morning that an estimated 150,000 foreign nationals will need to have their tourist visas renewed by September 26 or face a charge of overstaying.

He said overstaying the tourist visa is punishable by both a jail term and fine under the Immigration Act and tourists will be arrested and face legal action as well as deportation. In Thailand, it is Thai law for one to have proof of their legal status to stay in the country on them at all times (passport and stamp) and Immigration or Police officers can legally check or ask to check the status of any foreign national at any time.  The statements appear to infer that “spot” or “random” checks may take place.

The statements came this morning from the National Thai Government pubic relations department as the due date for amnesty ending quickly approaches with no signs of the Thai Government changing their decision and allowing another universal amnesty.

The amnesty was originally introduced shortly after borders shut earlier this year and was extended several times and has allowed tens of thousands of people to stay in the country long past their initial thirty day tourist visas. More information on the amnesty and what options are available for those at risk of expiration can be found here.


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