Feature: The top five top local stories for last week in Pattaya, Thailand

PHOTO: Sophon Cable TV (STV)

The following is a weekly feature, published every Sunday/Monday that highlight the top five LOCAL stories in Pattaya as chosen by our editorial team for the prior week. The stories are in no particular order and are chosen based on what we feel are the five most important stories for local readers. We publish on an average day over fifteen articles so once a week we go through dozens of weekly content pieces to find what YOU should know each week. We also publish a top five National list every Monday night/Tuesday morning.

The following is for the week of September 6 to September 12, 2020 in no particular order of importance.

1. Pattaya discusses being a test location for foreign tourism

Nearly every day there is news flying around about the potential of letting in a limited amount of foreign tourists with precautions, primarily geared at long stay visitors. Leaders are well aware of the devastation to the economy closed borders are causing, especially in tourist areas like Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui. However, some citizens are opposing any plans to let in foreign tourists, most recently in Phuket and the Phi Phi islands. Therefore, Pattaya leaders have said that if the Thai Government is willing, they would be willing to take part in a foreign tourism test location. That being said, Pattaya, despite being devastated, is not an island and considered more difficult to control than island locations.

Pattaya Tourism Business Association wants Pattaya to be a foreign tourist test market if other cities, like Phuket, oppose plans

2. A 160 million baht beach renovation is due to start before the end of the year in Pattaya

Pattaya City, hoping to draw more domestic tourists with borders closed to international tourists, will be implementing a 160 million baht beach renovation before the end of the year. The renovation will include items like fixing the damaged sidewalk (damaged during drain work), adding significantly more green areas, gardens, trees, etc, adding exercise areas, a potential playground, a regular parking area and ramps and access for disabled and elderly. This is due to start “soon”.

160 million baht Pattaya beach renovation to be started at the end of this year

3. After a busy Thai holiday weekend last week, hotels in Pattaya looking forward to more events

Thai Hotel Association leaders were very happy last weekend as domestic Thai tourists poured into the Pattaya area. They spoke with the local press and stated that they look forward to more events and holiday weekends, which have been promised by both local and national Thai leaders. Pattaya is planning multiple events, including a music festival and Diwali festival, before the end of the year to encourage domestic tourism

Many Pattaya hotels reported one hundred percent occupancy last weekend, support Thai Government having more holiday weekends

4. Airport buses are operating again from Pattaya to Bangkok to Hua Hin

For those who prefer taking a bus to their locations in Bangkok and Hua Hin to or from Pattaya City, here is an article with the current bus schedule which is now operating once more.

Airport bus service to Pattaya and Hua Hin operates again after four months of Covid-19 lockdown, current schedule provided

5. New Central Business District planned for Bali Hai Pier area

Pattaya has begun the planning phase for a major project in the Bali Hai Pier area, part of the expanding Eastern Economic Corridor projects. This includes tram stations, shopping centers, a “park lagoon” around Walking Street and a pier/port for cruise ships and yachts. Here is more information:

New Central Business District planned for Pattaya in the area of Bali Hai Pier

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