Short-circuit fire caused by an electric meter broke out and damaged local properties in the middle of the night in Pattaya


An electric meter located near Beach Road in Pattaya exploded and damaged several local properties in the early hours of this morning, September 13.

Officials from Pattaya City Police Station and firefighters were alerted about the incident around 3:00 AM after receiving a report of a fire breaking out in front of a salon on Soi 13/4 near Beach Road.

An electric meter fire was seen damaging and burning several pieces of furniture in front of the Noi Beauty Salon. Volunteers and local good Samaritans were also attempting to control the fire with an extinguisher when firefighters and relevant agencies arrived at the scene.

The authorities cut the power to the area in order to prevent further electric sparks before they could eventually stop the fire and examine the damage and determine the exact cause of the fire. Nobody was reported injured from the incident.

Local witnesses told Pattaya police that they heard an electric spark before the fire broke out and several large explosions occurred, scaring and waking up nearby residents. Several business owners and local residents attempted to put out the fire themselves but failed so fire services were called to assist. The incident is still under investigation by the Provincial Electric Authority in conjunction with fire rescue services.



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