US Embassy in Bangkok denies any part in supporting Pro-Democracy protesters


The US Embassy in Bangkok, responding to accusations in some Thai media that they are behind a rising number of protests against the Thai government, denied the accusations in a written statement today.

The denial follows several Thai media websites claiming the Embassy supports the protests, claiming that pictures of a protest leader,  Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak, having a meeting at the Embassy in 2016 shows “proof” of support. Additionally, reports claim that the US Embassy wants to upset the rising power of China in the region by encouraging the protests.

The US Embassy has denied and dismissed all allegations, calling them all untrue.

The exact statement from the Embassy is as follows:

“Ambassadors and Embassy personnel regularly meet with a broad cross section of Thai nationals, not just with students and youth, but also with government, military, business and other leaders. Such meetings do not imply endorsement of any views.”

“The United States government is not funding or otherwise providing support to any of the protests in Thailand. The United States does not support any individual or political party; we support the democratic process and the rule of law.

“As friends of Thailand, we encourage all sides to continue to act with respect and restraint and engage in constructive dialogue on how to move the country forward.”

The statement comes as accusations rise in some conservative media that “hidden players” are supporting the student protesters, who have another rally scheduled on September 19.


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