Many Pattaya hotels reported one hundred percent occupancy last weekend, support Thai Government having more holiday weekends


Many hotels in the Pattaya area reported one hundred percent occupancy over last holiday weekend and have told The Pattaya News they support the Prime Minister’s plan to have more holidays this year.

Suwanee Tri Petchakul, General manager of the Flipper Group which owns three hotels in the Pattaya area, namely Flipper Lodge, Levana and Flipper House told The Pattaya News the weekend was very successful for them.

She said that over the holiday all three of their hotels hit one hundred percent occupancy on September 5. The other days all three hotels averaged between sixty and seventy percent. She said currently during the weekdays their hotels average only between ten and thirty percent occupancy.

With foreign tourists not allowed to enter Thailand for about six months now and no end in sight she said the Flipper Group had changed their previous focus on foreign customers to attracting Thai customers with special promotions and deals to encourage domestic travel.

She said although many hotels were staying closed until tourists could return their hotel wanted to ensure their staff had income during the current Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis.

Suwanee said that the Flipper Group agrees with the Prime Minister, who in a speech earlier this week said he would be planning more holiday weekends to help the tourist destinations around the country.

Suwanee also said she supported Pattaya City leaders planning a variety of events, such as a Halloween festival, Indian Diwali festival, Walking Street food festival and Music Festival to draw domestic tourism.

You can read more about what the Prime Minister said regarding more holidays below.

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