Young man from Sattahip buys used car only to have it burst into flames on drive home


A 28 year old man was in for a surprise when the used car he purchased burst into flames on his drive back home to Sattahip from Angthong province, which is in Central Thailand, over the weekend.

The man, Mr. Charaswit Bank, 28, had purchased the grey Honda Civic for 55,000 baht from a private individual who had advertised online in Angthong and had been driving home to Sattahip on Friday, September 4.

At around 9:30 PM in the Don Hua Lo Subdistrict of Chonburi, the vehicle began to have engine trouble, not far from Charaswit’s home. Charaswit pulled over to the side of the road and the engine caught on fire which eventually enveloped the entire newly purchased vehicle.

Firefighters responded quickly and put out the fire in about ten minutes. Mr. Charaswit stated he would be taking up the issue with the original seller and hoped they would take responsibility.



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