Pattaya City Homeless Protection Center reaches out to 73 year old woman with diabetes begging on Pattaya streets


Pattaya City Homeless Protection Center officials reached out to a 73 year old woman living in an abandoned building and begging in Pattaya last night.

We broke this story on Friday and it quickly reached the attention of local officials. Take a look at the prior story below before continuing.

Ms. Mayuree Prachinphol, Director of the Center for the Protection of the Homeless Ministry of Social Development in Pattaya personally visited the home of 73 year old Nuchan Malaikham at around 6:30 PM on Saturday, September 5.

Nuchan was emotional over the visit, however, was adamant that she did not want further hand-outs and graciously declined an offer of financial assistance or moving into the local homeless shelter. She stated that the building, although abandoned, that she lives in is safe and she has her two son in laws to assist as needed.

Nuchan did accept an offer of assistance with basic living essentials such as food. Nuchan stated she already has medicine for her diabetes and will refrain from begging in the future.

She thanked the local press and rescue workers for caring about her and her situation but stated that she didn’t need free money or assistance but knowing that she was in the thoughts of the community was most important to her.

She agreed to let the staff from the shelter check in on her occasionally, but stated she valued her freedom and would continue to live at her current home without being a strain on the city or resources.

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