Kitten rescued from sewer pipe in Pattaya


A kitten, estimated to be between one to two months old, was rescued from a sewer pipe in Pattaya last night.

The incident happened about 7:00 PM at Mae Wilai Market Soi Thung Klom-Tan Man 4 in the Nong Prue Subdistrict.

Local residents heard the kitten crying out in fear and upon inspection found she had caught her head inside a portion of a sewer pipe and could not get out. Sawang Boriboon rescue workers were called for assistance.

It took about two hours in total to free the kitten from first the tight pipe area and then using special equipment to remove the pipe fitting from around the neck of the kitten. Luckily, however, the kitten was safe and healthy after the scary incident.

The kitten was a stray, according to Sawang Boriboon and quickly ran away to rejoin other cats in the nearby area who had reportedly gathered at the sound of her cries.

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