Confusion reigns on street parking on Pattaya Beach, police still reportedly fining


Despite an announcement by City Hall officials that appeared to allow street parking on the far left lane for the holiday weekend in Pattaya this weekend, local vendors have reported to the media that there appears to be confusion over the announcement.

First, get caught up on the story with the previous announcement by City Hall officials here:

City Hall officials are also reportedly looking at allowing bus stop areas to be street parking temporarily and partnering with local closed hotels to use their parking lots as well for Pattaya Beach.

However, according to Mr. Weerasak Chiewkij, one of the Pattaya beach umbrella operators, there appears to be confusion and police are still fining people and checking every half hour for parking on Beach Road despite the announcements.

According to Mr. Weerasak the issue is that portions of the far left lane are not able to be parked in but other portions are, leading to confusion from both police and drivers. Weerasak and other vendors fear that fining people will only further drive tourists off the beach.

Beach vendors hope that City officials and law enforcement are able to clarify the new parking rules with each other and prevent confusion that can negatively affect customers in what is already a difficult time.

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