Forty-nine road accidents with deaths and injuries occurred on the first day of four day long weekend, says Thai Ministry of Transport

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The Ministry of Transport has made a public announcement over a number of road accidents on the first day of a four day long weekend today, September 5.

The transportation facilitation and traffic safety during the long holiday, between September 4 to 7, was properly managed while no passengers were left behind in public transportation on the first day, according to the Ministry of Transport.

On September 4, approximately more than 2.5 million people had traveled across the country via public transportation while most of the traffic on the road was private cars which at least 2 million of them were reportedly seen leaving Bangkok.

There have been forty-nine reported road accidents during the first day so far, with 8 deaths and fifty-eight injuries. 76.60% of the accidents were caused by over-speeding driving and 70.83% of them involved motorcycles.

Only one minor accident was reportedly caused by public buses with no deaths and injuries. No accidents were reported in the use of public water, railway, and air transportation at the moment, according to the Ministry of Transport.

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