Sattahip running public service checkpoints this holiday weekend, encouraging people to wear masks and not drink alcohol


Sattahip public officials have set up public service checkpoints this weekend to educate the public on washing their hands, wearing masks and not drinking and driving.

The checkpoints, according to Wanchat Wannapharah, Sattahip District Permanent Secretary, are not designed to fine people but purely to educate them.

They handed out complimentary masks today to drivers, bottles of water and educated them on ways to protect themselves from the Covid19 Coronavirus, reminding people a locally spread case was found in Bangkok yesterday.

They also encouraged people traveling and celebrating the four day weekend not to drink alcohol and drive and encouraged drinking water.

The educational checkpoints will continue throughout the weekend. Law enforcement officials also said stricter drunk driving checkpoints would also take place to catch drunken drivers and promote road safety.

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