Two anti-government protest leaders held in prison after allegedly violating bail release conditions

Bangkok –

Two pro-democracy activists, Arnon Nampa, 35, and Panupong Jadnok, 27, were admitted to prison this evening, September 3, after allegedly violating their bail release conditions issued in early August.

The pair were previously placed under arrest on August 8 for alleged sedition and violations of the emergency decree after participating in a mass protest in Bangkok on July 18 and were bailed out on the same day but prohibited to attend or conduct any types of gatherings.

Arnon and Panupong were taken to the court again around 9:00 AM today following the allegations that their activism broke the bail release conditions.

According to the Court, the activists had forfeited this temporary release by continuing to organize and attend several anti-government protests, which have already been declared illegal by the government due to not following what they say are the proper regulations.

Their temporary bail release had therefore been revoked. Arnon was sentenced to be held in prison while Panupong was granted release on bail with a doubled bailout money of 200,000 baht. However, he refused to file for bail and decided to be jailed alongside his activist fellow.

Human lawyer Arnon wrote a message for pro-democracy protestors: “I am honored to fight along with everyone. We’ve come so far, keep going forward bravely. My job outside of jail is done. I will wager everything on change.”

Tonight, the protest leaders are supposedly being transferred to Bangkok Remand Prison, where more than forty protestors are currently gathered to support and voice themselves out against the alleged injustice of the Thai judiciary.

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