Thai Prime Minister says sudden resignation of finance minister will not affect economy, doubles down that it is for health reasons


Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan O’ Cha spoke to the press this afternoon in Bangkok about the sudden resignation of the Finance Minister who had only been in role for 26 days previously.

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The Prime Minister stated that the economy would not suffer further with the sudden departure of the Finance Minister and reiterated once more that the decision was based on health reasons, not staff issues as critics and some media have reported.

The Pattaya News notes that critics on social media to the decision still strongly insist that anonymous sources have stated to them the decision was based on disagreements internally, specifically surrounding appointments to the Excise Department.

However, the Finance Minister, Predee Daochai, in an interview with Thai Media BangkokBizNews today, strongly denied those accusations and said that all was fine internally. He continued to insist that he had health issues and due to this was unable to resume his duties.

Prime Minister Prayut stated that a suitable candidate to replace Predee would be appointed as soon as possible and in the meantime himself and the Deputy Finance Minister,  Santi Prompat, will handle the duties of the position. Speaking of Santi, he stated to the press today that although the decision of who would step into the role was up to the Prime Minister he was “ready and experienced” enough to take the position.

Santi has stated his experience at the Finance Ministry and working under several finance ministers make him the most qualified candidate. He also stated he was ready and willing to deal with the current economic situation and believes he is the best suited person for the job.

The vacant position of Finance Minister was discussed at a meeting of the Center for Economic Situation Administration this afternoon but details were not yet released to the public.

Correction: The Finance Minister was the one who resigned. An incorrect previous headline mentioned the health minister, although the text in the article was correct.

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