Secondary fire breaks out at building that was center of last night’s major Pattaya fire


A secondary fire broke out around sunset tonight at a six storey luxury home that was part of a major fire in Pattaya last night.

First, to get caught up on the prior story take a look here.

At 6:00 PM tonight smoke began coming from the fifth floor of a six storey luxury home and quickly spread to the fifth floor. This home had been heavily damaged during the fire that took at least six hours to put out this morning and required firefighters from all around the region and over ten trucks.

Firefighters were quickly called once again and managed to extinguish the fire without an issue and without further spread.

However, the Pattaya Disaster Mitigation Department has warned that the building may be structurally unsound and in danger of collapse. They have asked all workers and other staff to vacate the premises pending a complete investigation of the building by an engineer.

A video of last night’s fire can be found here.

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