63 year old man in Pattaya builds a special witch bike to bring smiles to people’s faces


A 63 year old man has been causing quite a buzz lately around Pattaya riding a modified motorbike that has been designed to look like a witches broom.

The man, who calls himself Poo Nu, has been seen around sunset for several days on Beach Road and other parts of Pattaya. The bike has been customized with special lights, a giant broom, a hanging witch doll and he also dresses up in dark witch style clothing.

Poo Nu spoke briefly with The Pattaya News yesterday and said he got the idea because many people are depressed and sad currently in the area, which is a tourism city, due to the Covid19 situation and borders to foreign tourists, a source of income for most, being closed.

He was hoping that he would bring a few smiles to people’s faces in these difficult times which is why he built the custom motorbike and rides around. He said the reaction has been great and many people stop him for photos and to chat.

He said he is just happy that, even if for a moment, he gets people’s minds off the virus and gets them to smile.

It seems he has succeeded, notes The Pattaya News, as clips of him riding his bike have got dozens of shares and likes on our social media accounts.

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