Young woman attempts suicide on Surat Thani to Koh Phangan ferry, two men jump into water and save her life

Surat Thani-

A young woman, whose name and age were withheld by authorities, attempted to kill herself this afternoon between Koh Samui and Koh Phangan when she leapt off a ferry into the ocean. However, two brave men jumped into the water with life jackets and saved her life.

Mr. Somsak Jinwan acting as the captain of Wang Nai, reported the incident around 2:30 PM this afternoon, August 29, 2020.  The woman jumped from the ferry which is owned by the Raja Ferry Port Public Company Limited, which is the same company in which a ferry sunk earlier this month.

Two men, Mr. Somsak Chuthong and Mr. Jatuphon Truen Thiang, age not given, who were described as staff on the boat dealing with tarps, jumped into the water with life jackets and successfully saved her life. Captain Jinwan stated the water was difficult at the time with strong currents and choppy conditions and commended both men for their quick reactions in saving the woman’s life.

Staff from a hospital on Koh Phangan came by rescue boat to the ferry and examined the woman, identifying that she reportedly had medication in her purse that identified her as having psychiatric problems. She was taken to the Koh Phangan hospital for treatment and recovery and is expected to fully recover from the incident.

Pramuan Thetana, director of the Koh Samui Branch Port Office, thanked the two staff members for saving the girls life at the risk of their own.

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