Highlights of new traffic fines released by the Royal Thai Police


The following is a list of new traffic fines released by the Royal Thai Police in the Royal Gazette yesterday for violations of the Land Traffic Act of 1979.

The full list can be found by clicking here, however it is in Thai and 26 pages long.

Here is a list of some of the highlights:

Vehicles emitting excessive noise and fumes/pollution-1000 baht

Taxi drivers failing to take customers to a destination by the fastest route or not taking them all the way-1000 baht

Driving without a drivers license-200 baht

Reckless driving-400 baht

Breaking the speed limit-500 baht

Failure to stop or move out of the way for an ambulance or other emergency vehicle-400 baht

Disobeying traffic lights-500 baht

Parking or leaving your vehicle to obstruct traffic-500 baht

No license plate-500 baht

Failure to obey road signs-500 baht

The Pattaya News notes that critics online believe the fines are too low and are not punitive enough to drive real change in terms of changing driving behaviors.

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