Online shopping is currently unavailable for SCB Debit cardholders due to a detection of imposter scams

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Siam Commercial Bank released a statement online last night, August 22, that some of the company’s debit cards are temporarily unavailable for online transactions after an imposter had reportedly used their customers’ debit card information to spend online.

According to the statement, Siam Commercial Bank has recently detected fraudulent transactions in several customers’ debit cards which have been used frequently and suspiciously in e-commerce transactions.

The bank, therefore, had to suspend the use of some debit cards for electronic trading transactions including online shopping effectively today to prevent further damage. Meanwhile, customers can still use their debit cards for transactions at ATM’s and at swipe machines as usual.

The resolution is currently being processed. It has not yet been announced when debit cardholders would be able to perform the online transactions again at the moment. It has been reported that some customers are able to use their cards normally and some are not.

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