Obituary: R.I.P. Greg Woodhead aka Woody

Greg Woodhead aka Woody was a well-known member of the motocross (Pattaya Bad boys Enduro group) and mountain bike Monkey extreme bike riders group in East Pattaya

Woody was a member of Kids In The Kitchen in Melbourne in 1983 and moved to Thailand around 12 years ago, during those years he lived in Loei, Ban Chang and East Pattaya. Woody was very popular, he was always thinking of others and trailblazing around surrounding areas of Pattaya, Rayong and Ban Chang.

Yesterday, Woody, aged 59 years old at death, was cremated at Wat Nong Ao temple just off Pattaya Klang. It was a great turn out, friends of Woody thank John Stroker who organised the funeral, contacting his family and clearing out his room.

John Stroker posted today on “Pattaya Moto Central” Facebook Group with further arrangements. The following is his statement.

“Thank you all for attending Woody’s funeral and thank you for your kind donations and those who attended and donated online. Thank you to Woody’s family and friends in Australia, Scott Carne and Kids in the Kitchen, motorcycle and cycling groups, friends and business owners.”

“You all made for a great day and a fine farewell to our treasured friend.
On next Saturday at 4:00 PM we will meet atop Polo/Blue flag hill to disperse his ashes and afterwards will have food and drinks at The Doctor’s Bar on the lake. (Thanks to Kev and Huey for the food).”

“Woody may you rest in peace knowing you had so many good friends and family to say farewell, we are lucky to have known you and gained from your knowledge, humour and kindness.”

“John, Joy & Lukette….”

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