Thai Airways rehabilitation plan to introduce a new ticket refund policy

Thai Airways rehabilitation plan to introduce a new ticket refund policy

  Chansin Treenuchagron, Acting President of Thai Airways International, revealed today, August 17, that the terms and details of their customer’s refund policy were included in the rehabilitation plan and were expected to take effect as soon as the examination of the rehabilitation petition by the Central Bankruptcy Court was completed.

  The Central Bankruptcy Court had initially started the rehabilitation petition of Thai Airways International today but the first trial has not yet been completed. The court, therefore, set more hearing dates for the petition on August 20 and August 25. Thai Airways will also bring witnesses to testify to the court on the day.

  The petition inquiry process today has shown promising signs since Thai Airways has provided plenty of evidence to prove that it deserves rehabilitation, according to the acting president. 

  “If the inquiry process was completed and the court had ordered the company to conduct the rehabilitation plan, we will follow the plan right away and the Legal Execution Department will notify all creditors about the registration procedure.” Chansin told the Associated Press.

  Regarding their customer’s ticket refunds, Chansin reassured that Thai Airways had the policy to make it more convenient for customers to maintain their right to receive the full refund of purchased tickets. The Pattaya News notes that many customers are still waiting for ticket refunds and many comment on a regular basis on our social media channels.

  Chansin added: “All customers would not have to spend much time and money during the refund procedure. They would only have to fill an application form to refund their payment. The rest of the process would be done by our officers.”

  The progress of the rehabilitation plan is expected to be operated within 1-2 months after the date of the rehabilitation approval and the appointment of the planning team by the Thai Government Gazette team.

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