Pattaya City leaders want a real ticket booth at Bali Hai Pier for all boats


At a meeting last Friday at City Hall of the Pattaya City Council, City leaders pushed for a proper ticket booth at Bali Hai Pier.

Chotik Chotikamjorn, a member of the Pattaya City Council, led the meeting.

The concerns of Chotik and other City Council members were that currently (with the exception of the Hua Hin Ferry) boats, speedboats and other vessels are almost all paid for directly at the boat versus at a single ticket office. This has led to concerns from some over price gouging, especially from speed boat operators.

The City Council has wanted to better regulate the ticket process for some time, Chotik added. With recent renovations to Bali Hai Pier and the Bali Hai pavilion he and other members of the council feel this is now possible.

Chotik added that due to Covid-19 and the lack of international tourists there has never been a better time to change the process and introduce an organized and efficient ticket office and ticket system.

The majority of the city council agrees and the plan will be examined for further development by themselves and City leaders in the very near future.

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