Pattaya City debunks “parking fees” for vehicles on public roads after rumors go viral


Following images of a list of parking fees going viral on Thai social media last week, Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunplume spoke with The Pattaya News and other local media to debunk the rumor this weekend.

The picture, which is below, is originally from a 2002 law that was ever only “loosely” enforced according to Mayor Khunplume.

The rumor had stated that the parking fees would be put into effect, especially on Beach Road, now that the drainage construction had been completed in that area. Mayor Sonthaya Khunplume denied this, although would not rule out parking fees ever coming into play in the future.

The Mayor stated that with the current situation with lack of international tourists in Pattaya and many people struggling financially it was not the time for the city to collect parking fees on public roads.  He added that many other fees, such as certain license and tax fees, had also been suspended by the city to help the population during the current difficult Covid-19 crisis period.

In conclusion, Pattaya City will not be collecting any parking fees for parking vehicles on public roads-for now.

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