Pattaya City Police prepare for inspector general review of yearly performance


It’s that time of year again in Pattaya as Pattaya City Police prepare for their critical annual performance review by the inspector general.

Led by Lt. Col. Nitat Waenpradad, dozens of senior police attended a motivational rally in front of Soi 9 yesterday to prepare for the review scheduled in the next few days.

The review is critical for Pattaya Police and a positive or negative review on their performance can cause serious repercussions or benefits to senior police.

The review measures five main areas which are 1. General services 2. Criminal justice administration 3. Life and property security 4. Human resource management and 5. Overall Management and human development. The review also includes field checks and reviews of the traffic police and procedures.

Pattaya City has in previous years had fairly glowing reviews and is regarded as one of the most important police precincts in the country due to the number of tourists and foreigners that live in the area.

The review is scheduled in the next few days. How would you grade their performance this past year?

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