Activist released from Thai prison on bail, warned not to make repeat offenses


An anti-government, pro-democracy activist, 22 year old Parit Chiwarak, who is also known by his nickname Penguin, was released on bail this afternoon around 2:15 PM in the Bangkok area. You can read more about his arrest below.

Student activist arrested, reportedly for roles in anti-government protest in Bangkok


Penguin was warned by the court system not to repeat his offenses, which include allegations of sedition and violating the Emergency Decree to control the Covid-19 Coronavirus. He is scheduled for court in September.

Parit, however, stated shortly after his release, where he was greeted by dozens of supporters, that he planned to attend a major rally tomorrow at Democracy Monument in Bangkok. He did not state if he would specifically speak at the rally which could potentially violate his terms of bail.

Supporters of Pharit had protested his arrest heavily in what they described as a peaceful manner at both the police station last evening where he was detained and at a court appearance this morning. Nearly four hundred uniformed Thai police were present watching the situation closely.


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