Pattaya Reader Mailbag: Solutions for stopping cell phone addiction in children and teens

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One solution could be to provide / sports / facilities / at all schools / – there is a large school near to where I live – it is more like a / factory / – there is space next door for a small sport facility / junior tennis / volley ball / etc – instead the space is used as a car park for teachers and locals. 
Addiction to / Cell Phones / is an extremely serious condition as outside of this activity, / all other forms of communications ceases – 
When this or that person is on their phone – whether as a friend or parent / etc / – you can say absolutely / nothing / because whatever you suggest will be regarded as an offence. 
There are many activities that could be used to engage teenagers, young adults and even adults – who have this malady – 
However, it would appear that the acquisition of 
/ money / does appear to be the only criteria for existence among very many of the local population – 
Among a large number of the population – any form of activity outside this activity is never contemplated – 
For example – interaction between foreigners and local children / under supervision / – in schools could be a very useful exercise – as it would introduce local children to the language and culture of visitors – instead of everyone regarding falangs as simply  an / atm /
The / option / that this well intentioned lady has suggested has by itself extremely limited scope – since / One Size Does Not fit All / – 
And most of the people who could potentially benefit from this suggestion are already extremely busy trying to secure work / working extremely long hours / being very far from their children 
/ etc / etc / etc.
The ideas and options that I have tried to suggest will not cost much as the large companies in Pattaya could be approached for sponsorship of all such physical / educational and cultural activities – and so in a very short space of time activities could be provided that would give the identified vulnerable groups and alternative to the / cell phone /
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