After 90 days of food charity events in Pattaya, local group of individuals helping the needy conclude mission

The following is a press release from a group of local good Samaritans who spent the past three months helping the needy, the unemployed and the hungry in Pattaya. Their words are their own-Editor.

After ninety days of food distribution, our mission ends.

We faced a lot of skepticism at the start. Fortunately, many people saw the merits of our mission and joined us.
12 people privately participated in the purchase of meals for Thais affected by crisis and hunger.
Every day, a dozen Expatriate and Thai volunteers ensured the distribution of meals in safety.

This action, started on May 13, 2020, was scheduled to end on June 30, 2020, i.e. 49 distributions. But following the distress of the people, we continued until August 10, 2020, which made 90 distributions or 27,200 meals distributed, for a total cost of 688,158 baht.

We hope that normal life can resume. It is clear that we remain mobilized and ready to repeat the operation in the event of another hard blow.

We would particularly like to thank the people who provided us with financial, material or manual assistance, Olivier, Jean Pierre, Pierre Yves, Lucia, Alain, Hiedi, Michel, Eric, Christian, Toh, Marie Laure, Bruno, Martine, Thierry, Frédérique, Colette, Jean Charles, Jean Claude, Denis, Richard, and all these anonymous Thai volunteers who day after day made these distributions go as well as possible.

To all BRAVO for your availability and THANK YOU for your help.

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