Mercedes Benz driver apologizes for drunk driving and attempting to ram pedestrians in Bangkok


Wishuda Vittayasinthana, 37, was being interrogated at Bang Sue Police Station yesterday, August 12, following a major car accident on Tuesday night. See our prior coverage on this incident below.

The female driver told the police that she went out drinking due to business stress before crashing into a motorcycle at Khae Rai Intersection around 10:00 PM.

She was in a panic and started to lose control of her car and rammed into more vehicles and passersby while she was being chased by the motorcycle owner and police officers. She said she panicked and was afraid of being attacked by the people whose vehicles she hit which is why she did not stop.

The reckless driver also told the officers that she wanted to apologize to everyone for all actions she has caused in the incident.

Police Major General Phatthana Siyanawin of Bang Sue Police Station said that officers were questioning some victims from the incident for more details while Wishuda would be tested for drug use later at Paolo Hospital after the interrogation.

The police told reporters: “Wishuda said she was heavily drinking before driving because she had a problem with her business partner and was allegedly defrauded for millions of baht. Her blood alcohol level was over four times the legal limit.”

“She felt sorry for her behaviors and wanted to apologize to all victims involved in the accident. She stated she will take responsibility for the incident.” Added Major General Phatthana.

According to the police statement, Wishuda will be transferred to the Ratchada District Court today, August 13, for the prosecution process over the charge of drunk driving causing injury and property damage as well as hit and run charges.

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