Fire in Si Racha restaurant causes nearly a dozen to flee-Video

Si Racha-

  At 4:30 PM yesterday the Si-Racha Police station received a fire notice at a restaurant in Sriracha Nakorn Soi 6 along with rescue staff from the Sawang Prateepthammasathan rescue service.

The three story restaurant, named as the Krua Tawan restaurant, was burning when fire fighters and rescue services arrived. Additionally, a noodle shop next door had also suffered damage and the fire was in danger of spreading to the Super Bar nearby.

Nobody was injured in the incident which had caused nearly a dozen staffers and patrons from both restaurants to flee. However, early estimates of damage to the restaurant were in the hundred thousand baht range with severe damage to kitchen equipment.

  Mr. Wikon Panghom, a stainless steel equipment shop employee, stated that he had been hired to check the gas stove after a report of hissing around the gas stove line by the owner of the Krua Tawan restaurant. Upon inspecting he stated that he simply took a close look at the line and sparks jumped out, alarming him and causing a shock. He tried to use a fire extinguisher to put out the sparks and small fire but unfortunately it spread.

Firefighters agreed that the cause of the fire appears to be a gas leak.



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