Three Chinese men arrested in Pattaya area for allegedly running an adult entertainment website


Three Chinese men were arrested for allegedly operating a pornography and gambling website and entering and residing in the Kingdom without permission.

Police from the Immigration Bureau began the investigation after locals gave a tip off that some Chinese men had illegally entered the country 8 months ago and had been illegally working in Bang Lamung District, Chonburi.

The arrest took place at their house on Monday, August 10. Three suspects, only identified as Wang, Dong, and Si, were caught along with a computer that was reportedly used for running an adult entertainment (pornography) website.

Wang, 31, reportedly admitted to being an administrator of the website. He was hired for 6,000 Yuan (26,000 Baht) to create a pornography and gambling website for Chinese employers located in China. Each website contained adult entertainment and a link to a Chinese online gambling website.

Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang, Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, told associated reporters yesterday, August 11, that Wang’s co-workers, Dong, 39, and Si, 45, were also caught since they did not hold legal permission to stay in the country.

He told the Associated Press: “Dong didn’t have a permit to stay in Thailand while his friend Si had one stamp on his passport as a tourist but it was expired since 2015.”

The three men are under custody for legal proceedings. Initially, Wang was changed for working without a valid work permit while Dong was charged for entering and residing in the Kingdom without permission and Si was for residing in the Kingdom with terminated permission.

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