Attorney-General who dismissed case against Red Bull heir has resigned


Deputy Attorney-General Nate Naksuk, who dismissed charges of death by a reckless driving charge against Vorayuth Yoovidhya, tendered his resignation yesterday, August 11.

His resignation, according to his own statements, meant to prove his honesty in prosecuting the case and protect the image of the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG), insisting that the prosecution decision is based on facts and evidence that appear in the case.

Meanwhile, the OAG had set up a panel to probe the prosecutor’s decision to drop the charge against Vorayuth, led by former deputy attorney-general Somsak Bunthong.

The panel holds the power and duty to review orders in the prosecution, including if the examination of witnesses had proceeded in accordance with the law and rationality. All evidence will later be reported to the OAG for consideration.

Nate and all attorneys responsible for the case would be facing disciplinary court if the case was found to be a wrongful prosecution decision. It is unclear at this time if by him resigning he would be potentially clear of these charges.

The Pattaya News has covered this case extensively on our site. If you search for red bull in the search box on our website you can review many other articles detailing this case and the many twists and turns.

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