Unemployed hotel worker affected by the Covid-19 pandemic creates unique artwork out of marine waste to earn a living 

  Unemployed hotel worker affected by the Covid-19 pandemic creates unique artwork out of marine waste to earn a living. 

Part of our ongoing series of how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected regular people in Thailand. You can see our previous installment here


Former hotel staff Yuttana Darakai, 30, has come up with a creative way to earn a living by creating artworks from marine debris washing up on beaches in his hometown of Koh Lanta, Krabi province.

  Most of his artwork mainly consists of human-created wastes such as ropes, plastic, and some natural materials that were washed up after storms such as sand, rotten figs, and pieces of wood. 

  His most popular works are sculptures of marine animals. They are also beautifully made by otherwise useless materials and are currently in high demand by local residents and restaurant owners to decorate their places with unique artwork.

  The artist told reporters that his idea originally started four years ago when he was working at a local hotel as he saw a large amount of debris floating in the sea during the monsoon and depression storm in the rainy season.

  He said: “My boss once asked me what would be the most beneficial thing to do with this garbage. I didn’t know the answer at that moment but the question had made me ponder since for a solution.”

  He started to become a sculptor earlier this year shortly after he lost his job at a hotel due to the Covid-19 outbreak. His sculpture works are now worth from 1,500 to 8,500 baht which have helped him earn a sustainable income during the unemployment period.

  “I believe everyone can succeed if they are dedicated to what they are doing. And I think if a hundred people help collect marine waste and produce something out of it to decorate their house and restaurant, our seas and homes will be better.” Yuttana added.

Photo credit: Thai Rath, article by the TPN team.

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