Thailand assisting Thai Nationals in Beirut after explosion

BEIRUT – To provide assistance to Thai workers in Lebanon who suffered in the massive explosion in Beirut last week, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) has coordinated with a volunteer worker to deliver news and dried food to help injured Thai workers, as a first step to recovery.

The Labor Office In Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), has reported that Thai workers in inner Beirut are waiting for urgent assistance as the cost of dried food has rapidly increased because some warehouses were damaged and there may soon be a shortage of dried food.

The MOL is coordinating with a volunteer worker in Beirut, Ms Sirion Srivirut, who is a massage therapist and hairdresser, to provide information and deliver dried food to Mr. Khomsan Kajornsombat, a Thai jewelry technician, whose leg was injured when his room door fell down and whose accommodation has been damaged, and Mr. Panya Songyoo who shares the room. Mr Panya was blown four meters away by the blast but received only bruises to his body and a shoulder injury.

Mrs. Sirion said the price of dried food and essential products has now doubled and several stores in inner Beirut are damaged. It is now necessary to buy food outside the city which is not convenient because many roads are closed. People there are urged to be careful about their valuable assets and many are still afraid that another explosion could occur.

The labor ambassador has asked Mrs Sirion to keep updating news on the situation, and check the number of Thai workers who have nowhere to stay and are unable to go to work, so that the MOL can check to see if they are members of the fund to help workers abroad. If they are members of the fund, the MOL can provide immediate assistance. The MOL will also seek ways to help those who are not members of the fund.

Source: Thai national news bureau

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