Suspected mortar round found at construction field in Rayong


  Police officers of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD) were alerted this morning around 10:30 AM after villagers found an unknown device at a construction site in Mueang district, Rayong.

  A construction worker told the officers that he discovered the explosive device while he was clearing land and trees with a backhoe.

 After the police examination, the bomb, which was seen covered with a tire, was believed to be a type of mortar round which was un-exploded after launching. It was unknown how exactly it had made it to the construction site.

  A Police representative told Associated Press: “This bomb could be a very powerful explosive. We could not be certain if it was going to explode or not. The infused chemical inside might trigger the bomb anytime, so it was best to take it away from the village before we began dismantling.”

  The device was cautiously transferred to a dense forest 500 meters away for dismantling so it would not possibly endanger the lives of local residents. The dismantling had to be done at a distance and triggered remotely, according to the police.

The device was successfully dismantled and authorities are investigating how the bomb came to the construction site.

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