Woman rescued after cutting herself with knife on street after domestic disturbance in Pattaya

Pattaya, Banglamung-

 Officers from the Sawang Boribun Thammasathan rescue service were alerted about a self-injury in Banglamung District, Chonburi, at 4:00 AM today, August 9.

  A twenty-nine-year-old female, only named as Ae in accordance with our editorial policy on these incidents, was found in the area of Soi Kor Phai with blood smears and a deep cut on her right wrist while her boyfriend, named only as Song, was sitting close to her.

  Her twenty-eight-year-old boyfriend told the officers that Ae was angry at him as she found out that he went out drinking with his friends earlier in the evening.

  Song said: “I made a promise that I would not drink again and would remain sober but I broke it. We were arguing and I decided to leave the room to stop the fight.”

 According to Song, Ae rushed out of their shared room with a knife but Song managed to get away. She instead angrily cut herself on a wrist and injured herself. Song then quickly rushed back after she informed him of the injury, assumed to be by phone, and he decided to call the rescue service.

 Officers performed first-aid and then immediately delivered Ae to the nearby hospital. 

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