Former Female Thai army captain charged over alleged knife attack on 83 year old elderly neighbor


  Suthin Wuttisin, 83, was walking from his daughter’s car to get a mask he forgot at his home in Bang Pakong district, Chachoengsao yesterday, August 8, in the morning before reportedly encountering an unexpected attack.

  According to Bang Pakong Police, Former Thai Army Captain Pansamon Yuenyong, 46, who resides next door, suddenly opened her door before quickly approaching the elderly man with a knife.

  Pansamon started to attack and slash the victim on his right arm continuously as he was trying to escape the assault. Suthin’s daughter, who was inside the car and shocked by the incident, began honking her horn to alert the rest of her family in their house for help, stated the Bang Pakong Police report.

  The accused attacker eventually went back to her home after Suthin’s family rushed out from the house to help him and called the police. The eighty-three-year-old man suffered from several serious knife wounds and was delivered to a local hospital for urgent medical assistance.

  Bang Pakong Police officers then arrived at the scene and spent about thirty minutes convincing the female captain to come out of the house before being taken to the Bang Pakong police station for questioning.

  Speaking after, one of the victim’s relatives told the police that the former Army Captain reportedly suffered from mental illness and she was often seen carrying a knife and attacking people living nearby.

  The relative said: “She lived alone in her house and appeared to show signs of mental illness. She sometimes carried a knife and tried to attack neighbors. One time she chased after me with a pair of scissors.”

“She often yelled and cursed and threw things at passersby for no reasons. I heard that she was an army captain before but she hadn’t been working for about ten years now. ”

  Pansamon reportedly admitted to carrying a knife and attacking the man. She was initially charged for physically assaulting another person causing serious injuries.

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