Update: Grab driver that fell down four story elevator shaft will fully recover, say doctors

Samet, Chonburi-

A 24 year old Grab motorbike delivery driver, Mr. Thieron Asa, 24 years old, will fully recover from his injuries after falling down a four story elevator shaft earlier this week.

Our previous story on this incident is here.

Lt. Col. Wuttinan Namsang, Deputy Superintendent (Investigation), Samet Police Station, gave the good news to The Pattaya news and associated press this afternoon.

The victim, whose identity has been released as Mr. Thieron Asa, 24 years old, fell four stories at an apartment building located in village number one in the Samet sub-district of Chonburi. He had just finished making a delivery at an apartment on the floor and hit a button to open the elevator doors. He stepped inside, but did not notice the elevator had not arrived and fell four stories down the elevator shaft.

Mr. Thieron suffered a severe ankle injury and other minor injuries but suffered no life threatening injuries or head related injuries in the fall. Officers have yet to speak to him but will do so soon, added Wuttinan, as he is recovering and cognizant after the accident.

Lt. Col. Wuttinan added that they will be looking at filing charges against the apartment complex and/or elevator company once they speak to Thieron regarding the incident.



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