Red Bull heir Vorayuth’s arrest warrant and Interpol red notice is still active, says Thai Immigration Bureau


  The Royal Thai Immigration Bureau (IB) proclaims against what they call a national misunderstanding today, August 7, that the Red Bull heir’s (Vorayuth Yoovidhya) search warrant and Interpol red notice have not been withdrawn.

  According to the IB’s official announcement yesterday, the Immigration Bureau had lifted travel restrictions on Vorayuth Yoovidhya after hit-and-run charges stemming from a 2012 incident that killed an on duty police officer were dropped last month by the Office of the Attorney General. Since that event, an independent committee of prosecutors have since recommended to the OAG to reinstate the charges based on several pieces of evidence that needed to be further examined. 

  The previous dropping of charges in theory allows the 26-year-old fugitive to travel back to Thailand while being removed from the Immigration Bureau Watch List. 

  The announcement had caused public confusion and anger, assuming that the police arrest warrant had also been withdrawn in order for the department to lift the travel curbs.

 The Immigration Bureau made the official announcement stating that they did not hold the authority to remove either the Interpol red notice or the arrest warrant which had been issued by the court, but that merely Vorayuth could travel to Thailand if he wished and that the entire situation was what they called a misunderstanding.

  “Since the prosecutor did not sue Vorayuth, his name had been removed from our Watch List but this did not mean that we would not arrest him. He is still wanted by the court.” stated the Royal Thai Immigration Bureau in their official statement.

  Meanwhile, Thai Law Enforcement officials also made the promising statement to the public that they would act in accordance with the law and honesty to arrest Vorayuth as soon as possible.  Vorayuth’s exact location, notes The Pattaya News, is still not known and he has missed at least eight court appearances after reportedly fleeing the country nearly eight years ago in a private jet.

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