Chonburi police cracking down on illegal loan sharks preying on those hurt by the Covid-19 crisis


Chonburi Police held a large police rally this weekend to announce an ongoing crackdown on illegal loan sharks in which they have seized luxury cars, motorbikes, illegal weapons and ammunition.

On Thursday, August 6th, police led by the Chonburi Provincial Police Commander Major General Prakan Prajong along with 709 police in Chonburi attended a rally at Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya to announce the ongoing crackdown.

Earlier this week, Chonburi police reportedly investigated an illegal loan shark group who had been preying on those in trouble due to the Covid-19 crisis and offering loans with illegal interest rates that violate Thai law.

The loan shark gang had allegedly found their potential victims via Facebook and other social media. Victims had pawned their cars and motorbikes as collateral and the loan sharks charged them with significant illegal interest rates, said Major General Prakan Prajong at the rally.

Police successfully arrested three prominent members of the loan shark gang after an investigation involving undercover agents. Police reportedly have seized 18 luxury cars and 10 motorbikes from the illegal pawn dealers. The total cost of the seized vehicles and motorbikes was about 20 million baht, added Major General Prakan, who also said police are working on identifying all the victims to return their property.

Police also seized from the loan shark group, whose names were not specifically given to The Pattaya News, six handguns and 1,110 bullets. None were properly licensed, according to Major General Prakan.

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