Mass accident drill held in Banglamung


A mass accident drill was conducted in Huay Yai yesterday by police and emergency first response teams.


The drill yesterday was led by the Huay Yai Deputy Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Pichit Wattano and emergency teams from Pattaya and Huay Yai.

The drill was performed as a simulation of a mass accident on Road 331 in front of the Huay Yai Police Station. The incident involved a hypothetical accident in which a pickup truck carrying many workers crashed and was on fire, scattering injured individuals across the road. The drill was performed by local volunteers and actors chosen for the situation. The rescue workers and police involved in the incident were only told that were responding to a training exercise but not the specifics of the event. They were graded by supervisors on response times and proper procedures followed.

The drill is aimed to prepare for any mass accidents especially on this road in which construction and roadwork is being conducted along with traffic. The drill begins around one minute in the video below.  Response team supervisors said they were generally pleased with the execution of rescue and law enforcement teams during the exercise.

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