Si Racha fights against growing cases of dengue fever

Si Racha-
The Si Racha sub-district in the Chonburi province is rolling out its campaign to contain the spread of dengue fever, including widespread fogging to help prevent disease-bearing mosquitoes from breeding after there has been one death with 509 cases total in the sub-district.

Nationwide in Thailand there have been 25,708 cases with 15 deaths in the first 7 months of this year while in Si Racha there were 509 cases with one death.

The Public Health and Environment Division of Khao Kansong Municipality in Si Racha yesterday used fogging machines to assist in getting rid of mosquito-breeding areas.

They have also educated locals about dengue fever and how to protect themselves. This includes measures like using mosquito spray and limiting small sources of water around homes where mosquitoes can breed.

Dengue fever has been a significant health risk throughout Thailand and this year has been a particularly dangerous one, according to Si Racha Health and Environment Division officials. With the primary focus on Covid19 for most of the year officials fear that people have let their guard down for other risks.

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