Reader Opinion: Why the Thai Government is correct in banning certain farm chemicals and the decision should not be reversed

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The government is correct in / BANNING / these and other similar chemicals, especially in agriculture – because all such chemicals enter the ground water system – which is then consumed by the population –   below are (2) examples of responses to the use of Paraquat and Chlorpyrifos:

1) – If a person survives the toxic effects of paraquat poisoning, long-term lung damage (scarring) is highly likely. Other long-term effects may also occur, including kidney failure, heart failure, and esophageal strictures (scarring of the swallowing tube that makes it hard for a person to swallow).


2) – Exposure to small amounts of chlorpyrifos can cause runny nose, tears, and increased saliva or drooling. People may sweat, and develop headache, nausea, and dizziness. More serious exposures can cause vomiting, abdominal muscle cramps, muscle twitching, tremors and weakness, and loss of coordination.


Very many people in Thailand work in the agriculture sector – and will have great difficulty in securing the medical services that will be required after continuous exposure to these very harmful chemicals

The wider public will also be at risk from consuming the food grown as a result of these chemicals plus the fact the residue that will enter the water table will affect unknown number of Thailand’s citizens – so the government is absolutely correct in it’s actions against these and other such chemicals.


Lloyd S

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