Pattaya Police hold ATM cash robbery drill


Pattaya Police held an ATM cash robbery drill yesterday involving a snatch and grab situation. The video is at the end of this article.

The drill was led by Pattaya City Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Nitat Weanpradab at an ATM near Jomtien beach. The suspects and victims were all paid actors and working with Pattaya Police. The officers involved were aware they would be participating in a training exercise but not aware of the specific details. Their job was to resolve the crime using the resources available to them in the shortest period of time as possible.

In the drill, the victim withdrew 50,000 baht from an ATM and was preparing to leave on their motorbike.

Two suspects who were on another motorbike stopped nearby before using a gun (a fake weapon used for the exercise) to threaten money from the victim before speeding away.

The victim called police and the training officers arrived. Police tracked down the suspects before arresting the two men near Soi Sukhunvit Pattaya 46/3. They used a variety of resources including the witness statements, CCTV and other officers in the area to determine the location of the suspects. The exercise was considered to be completed in a satisfactory period of time, added Lt. Col. Nitat.

Lieutenant Colonel Nitat told The Pattaya News that they will continue drilling and training to ensure tourists and residents are safe at all times. Training exercises are also conducted safely and with many rules and regulations to prevent anxiety or panic amongst residents. Local witnesses were informed by the police the exercise was for training and not an actual criminal incident. A video of this training is below.

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